2013-03-22-15.08.13Quality Creative Landscaping offers many different types of hardscape, designs and materials. The following summary details some of our offerings and explains the benefit of hardscape construction. Definition is sometimes clearer when describing what something is not rather than what it is. Hardscape is everything in the landscape that is NOT planted. It is not alive. It does not grow. It does not change after the project is completed. What you see is what you get – as opposed to the diversely fluid life span of the planted garden.

Hardscape construction defines outdoor space in the same way that landscaping beautifies outdoor space. Successful construction design and implementation has the ability to delineate space in a way that fortifies the functionality of the living landscape and the hardscape, drawing the viewer into the entire outdoor living space.

Quality Creative Landscaping uses many specialty components of construction to bring life and diversity to the garden. There are many expressions of water features, water lighting, circulation provisions, and exterior enclosures that constitute well-planned and fully integrated construction themes.

Hardscapes can add both beauty and functionality to your landscaping. Designing and installing a hardscape project of any size is a skilled labor-intensive task. Quality Creative Landscaping has the experience to design and construct a hardscape that will last a lifetime. Let Quality Creative Landscaping build you the perfect hardscape to fit your needs.