Kitchens & Fireplaces


Since its inception, the outdoor kitchen has evolved from simple grill cabinet enclosures to stylish designs with a vast array of accessories to create an extraordinary outdoor kitchen design that accentuates your unique backyard theme.

Outdoor kitchens offer many immediate advantages over conventional indoor cooking.   The first advantage that comes to mind is that guests and family are more easily involved in the cooking process and in the production of the meal. Foods that you may love, such as fish or curry that tend generate lingering odors, are also better cooked and enjoyed outdoors

Outdoor kitchens need to be more practical and functional, with fewer appliances. Indoors kitchens must have a refrigerator with a freezer–a plus, but not a necessity in an outdoors kitchen. The same can be said for a sink, drawers, etc. The only appliances necessary in an outdoor kitchen is a great cooking appliance,such as a good quality grill.

Your design will reflect your taste and needs. How elaborate it will be, will depend on what features are important to you and your family. This may often be impacted by how often you cook outdoors and what you can afford. If you cook outdoors only occasionally, you can keep things down to a bare minimum. However if you cook outdoors as often as the weather will allow and you live in an area with good weather most of the year, you may be justified in going all out.