Retaining Walls

IMG_0009Retaining walls are outdoor walls used to enclose everything from small home landscaping units to structural units. They can be large and line the driveway or can simply hold a raised planting bed or raised garden. You can even have a wall mural on it. Design options and build options include a variety of styles and sizes including segmental retaining walls, mortarless fencing system or interlocking concrete blocks, and can form curved, straight, or tiered retaining walls.

Structural hardscaping creates usable outdoor space:

Well-placed retaining walls can add both function and beauty to your yard. Especially where lawns slope, they can be integrated with water features, terraces, and gardens to create a rich visual environment and define boundaries or outdoor rooms as well as preventing erosion. Whether you use them to create the physical structure of your yard or just to add a little extra curb appeal, a retaining wall can add color, shape, and texture that enhances your property and adds to its overall value.

Work with a professional to design the retaining structures your yard needs. We are licensed professionals who will be able to help you come up with a wall that will work with your home’s architectural style and the characteristics of your lot and neighborhood.We can help you decide whether formal symmetry or quixotic informality will work best.