Water Features

100_0937As the focal point of the water feature, waterfalls capture the imagination. Falling water can be soothing or dramatic, and multiple waterfalls may be created within confined spaces. We design waterfalls to echo nature’s creativity. Location in relationship to the house is important. We’re very experienced in getting just the right water sound for your location.

In today’s fast-paced, high-stress, get-it-done-yesterday lifestyle, your family needs something to look forward to at home that will bring tranquility and allow you to unwind.

Flowing water is soothing and relaxing, and it renews our vital link with nature allowing us to “recharge” ourselves to take on what’s ahead. Watching your water feature change throughout the year is another benefit with seeing different plants emerge and flower and birds coming to drink and bathe themselves on the waterfall spillways.

Natural beauty is always reinventing itself and everyday will bring new surprises in a place that is all your own. Your water feature becomes an extension of your home, making it become a true paradise for quiet meditation and reflection.

There is nothing quite as peaceful as listening the symphony of sounds created by moving water. A water feature is a perfect addition to any landscape. We offer expert design of streams, waterfalls, ponds. We can discuss with you the cost, size, types, maintenance, and benefits of a water feature. We will train you how to maintain and beautify this ecosystem.