Vinyl Pools


Vinyl pools have a few advantages. Vinyl liner pools have the lowest initial cost of any of the three types of in ground pools. Also, you can customize the shape and size of the pool and there are no limitations of the length, width, and depth of Vinyl Liner Pools. Vinyl liner pools are nonabrasive, liner material is smooth to the touch, and the vinyl material used in vinyl liner pools is also relatively non-porous so it inhibits algae growth.

Some of the disadvantages are vinyl pools have a higher lifetime cost. On average a vinyl liner will last between 7 and 15 years at a replacement expense of $2,500-$3,500 plus the cost of water. Second, Dogs, kids throwing stuff in the pool, tree limbs, etc. are all concerns. The liner is only 20-30 mil thick, which is the thickness of several sheets of paper. One mistake could cost you big bucks.

Vinyl pools are still a cost effective family option with the right pool time rules in place.

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